15th Year Anniversary

On March 22, 2003, over 15 years ago, this company was started. With our first store in Sultan, Washington, we took an idea that was started as a conversation at Stevens Pass in put it into reality. Without you, it would have remained just an imagination. For those of you that have believed in us, the time you have invested in us both monetarily and with your loyalty, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation. Many of you have been with us since the very beginning and have ridden the lows and soared the highs with us. I have always said that we have the most loyal customers in the coffee business and I have always meant that. You guys have given us the opportunity to grow, build, and expand the idea that was a mere thought. A true brick and mortar construct of a visualization that many said would never work. Most of our best ideas have come from our customers, and we will continue to learn from you. Thank you for supporting us throughout the years. We are humbled to be your coffee provider.

michael jemmett