Ethiopia Kossa Geshe

We just ordered some Ethiopia Kossa Geshe.

Kossa Geshe of the Limmu Kossa region in Ethiopia is an organic coffee that is sweet and full of flavor. It is a Native Heirloom coffee and is processed using the sun dried, natural method. Notes of lemonade, strawberry, and honey all come through when we cupped this coffee. Acidity is crisp and clean as is to be expected with a fine Ethiopian coffee. Available while supplies last.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Limmu, Jimma Zone
Producer: Kossa Geshe
Varietal: Native heirloom
Elevation: 5,900 - 7,000 ft
Process: Natural, sun-dried
Certified: Organic
Importer: Crop to Cup
Roast: Light
Notes: Strawberry, Lemon and Honey

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